The Story of Ramayana

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Ramayana is a very beautiful love story that it always will be performed.


Briefly, this is it:

In the Krendoyono forest, a part of the Dandhaka forest, the Giant King Rahwana of Alengka, falls in love with Sinta, the wife of the exiled King Rama. King Rahwana orders one of his staff, Kala Marica, to change into a Golden Deer to seduce Sinta.


Sinta is alone when her guards go after the Deer and in an unguarded moment the king happens, by chance, to find Sinta. King Rahwana takes Sinta to his palace and every day he asks her to marry him.

King Rama hears what had happened and moves to the palace of King Rahwana where he kills him in a duel.


Princes Sinta is, of course, very happy to see her beloved husband again, but Rama rejects her. He wants to test her chastity. He asks her to take a holy bath and jump into the fire. The princess agrees and jumps into the fire. Brahma, the fire god, comes, and the fire goes out. Sinta has been chastened. Both Rama and Sinta give a sign of reverence to the Fire God by placing their hands folded in front of their foreheads.


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The Story of Ramayana

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