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by: Elly de Lezenne Coulander

The year 2014 is almost over and I have not the foggiest idea where time has remained. I find this year gone so fast. There are a few moments clear for me, but most of the time seems like it slipped through my fingers. And now the year 2015 is already knocking on the door. As the beginning of a new year is approaching, the December magazines are full of personal predictions, mostly based on astrology. For a long time I work with the Siberian stone oracle that a Siberian shaman with whom I have worked with for a while, has taught me years ago. Even before there were animals, let alone humans, was the stone world already there. So the stone world is the oldest world on Earth. Therefor stones have very old knowledge. I use the oracle during my telephone consultations and that's almost daily. It shows me quickly where I can find the answer for the questioner, for example, in past, present, or future. As soon as I have that indication, I tune into the stone and the place where the stone ended up on the oracle map in a way that I travel through different worlds to get the answer. In this way I can also see what energies will the year 2015 bring.

On my question to the oracle what will the year 2015 bring to us, the first thing I noticed that there could be a blockage concerning employment. There's been some improvement in The Netherlands, but apparently that is not straight as we would like. Which a pity.

Despite the fact that employment will not grow as much as we would like, financially it will become better so that will go in the right direction step by step. Of course, it is necessary that we spend money, but it can’t be spend if you don't have it. When you spend money that you don't have, then you have debts and that need to be paid once. It is crazy that it is still being encouraged to borrow money. That is really an unwise thing to do the coming year, as you can read below. It is a question of selectivity and, above all, more creativity in our spending. As soon as we are going to do more things without money, such as swapping stuff and services, then the power of the money seizes down. In that case money becomes again just a medium for exchange and that is where it was created for. Well, we can swap a lot. An oven that is no longer used, a chair that is really unnecessary, but also mowing the grass is a good medium of exchange. And there are a number of possibilities to come up with if you let your creativity run free.

That there is something wrong when it comes to the way money is handled and especially other people's money, such as by banks and insurance companies, but also by Governments, of course, the oracle shows that very clearly. The power money is given, will down seize the coming year, you might say. More and more issues are coming up, such as fraudulent practices. It is now a decaying system and as more and more rot in landfill, it will collapse once. We live in a dual world and the opposite of power is powerlessness. The more people are going to feel powerless in terms of money – and that there are more and more so in my area as I watch and listen to the financial problems where people are dealing with - the greater the chance that these powerless people will join together and will be heard. The result might be that this group will gain more strength and negate the system of banks and insurance companies.

Next year we will really start wondering what is still possible and what is not, what is still serving us and what is not anymore. That piece of consciousness is very much linked to what is right and what is injustice. It is high time to let go of what is no longer serving us. That is a way we ca


According to the oracle the year 2015 will also bring a strong growth in consciousness. And that's great, because it means that more and more people will live more consciously. That is, of course, possible in many areas, but this is about becoming more aware of the big picture. That everything is related with everything. That our own behaviour affects other people and the Earth. It is as if the veil will be ripped off, so we will have the opportunity for expansion of the mind and to be able to reach that we don’t have to use drugs. It ensures that each of us will walk our own path and we will no longer let us being kept caught by the behaviour that corresponds to the third dimension. We are heading to the fifth dimension and that really asks that we do not restrict ourselves by anything, certainly not by lack of power. The lesson is to learn to trust that the universe is taken care of you. Yes, I know this is not easy. I myself also had to learn that lesson by injury and shame. Again, the more people are getting this awareness, the sooner the world is back in balance. If the world is balanced, also the Earth will come back in balance. That is according to the law of Hermes Trismegistus: as above so below, as inside as outside.

Individuality is becoming less important in the coming year, while family ties are more important in 2015. It is all about oneness instead of being alone. Is there no contact with your family anymore? In that case it might be possible that there will be contact again. Or maybe you create a new family around you with like-minded people. That again has to do with how aware we are, how we choose consciously who we allow or don’t allow in our environment.


To reach more awareness in life, it is also necessary to communicate on  a more conscious level. So don’t expose yourself to too many negative posts where the media bombard us with for example. So don’t look or listen to too many news programs announcing all the misery in the world. Avoid keboem keboem music, because it brings all your cells in turmoil. All the negative communication has impact on your thoughts, your mood, your being. It pulls you down instead of that it propels you upwards. So be selective and nourish yourself with positive messages, books, music, movies, programs, activities, but especially surround yourself with positive people. They bring out the best in you.

These are general predictions of the trends that we have to deal with in 2015. Related to the law as above so below, so inside so outside these predictions are also personally, but on a smaller scale, of course. It is good to know, so that you can use this information in a way that is good for you.

I wish you a quantum leap in consciousness and a step further in the fifth dimension in 2015.


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What brings 2015

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