Dear readers, 


I once read a book called ' The four Agreements

The agreements are: 

1.Be clear in what you say. This agreement is perhaps the most important one because words have strength. With words you can create and manifest beautiful and ugly things. Be precise. It means that you say what you really want to say and always be aware that words are magic but can also black magic.


2. Take nothing personally. For example, I tell you ' Hey, you're stupid . This says more about me than about you. When I take this comment personally then I think I am stupid indeed and evil things will happen. The poison is spreading through my body. It is the worst form of selfishness because it obviously only concerns yourself. 


3. Have no judgement. Find the courage to ask questions and to express yourself. Say what you really want to say. Communicate clearly with others so you can prevent misunderstandings. We often judge by what we see without testing whether our observation is correct.


4. Always do your best. When you do your best to integrate the first 3 agreements into your life then you prevent yourself from self judgement and regrets. You're trying to implement the agreements with the best intentions.

I know from experience that this is not easy. Every day I start all over again, because how quickly do you make a judgement when you meet someone. However, I know when I start my day with those 4 agreements from a place of love I contribute to a beautiful world.

I encourage you to try it too.


Happy reading, 



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