The Power of Symbols

by Agnes van de Beek


We are all dealing with symbols; we meet them every day. They translate old knowledge, they warn us of danger, they talk about love, they also share emotions. They express something which gives us an impulse or which makes us remember certain things. A peace-symbol, a symbol for love, the apple from the garden of Eden, a ring for partnership, the fish for Christianity, the Yin/Yang symbol for the unity between the feminine and the masculine.


The word "symbol" means literally "falling together". 

Think of symbols from the war, for example the swastika, which, before it was misused by turning it 1/8, stood for the ancient sun-cross. It associates us now with all the cruelties of the second World War. Another example is the pentagram, the 5 pointed star, a symbol for movement of the human being, for communication. By turning it upside down we see the symbol for the devil.

Also in advertising symbols are sometimes used which are more or less hidden but do their work unconsciously as in the so-called sublimate messages, which make you consume or buy foods you did not really want in the first place.


One of the most important symbols is the circle. It is the beginning and the end and stands for infinity.

The human is the meeting point of all sorts of energy. We are the centre of the universal cosmic circle. It is like a mandala, a holy space, protected by the surrounding of the circle.

The name of this mandala is called : "Mending the Sacred Hoop". 

The indigenous people say when this is happening there will be peace on earth and we will go from duality to oneness.

This mandala was created at the beginning of this year and I felt a strong connection with the "four corners" in the USA, where I was in 2010 and little did I know that this spring I would return.

Four States coming together at one point: New Mexico, Colerado, Utah and Arizona, which were the former lands of the indigenous people, the Hopi, the Dakota, Lakota and Nakota and others.

The four parts in this mandala represent each, one of the colours of the Hopi maize.The energy of the Sun in the centre will mend the sacred Hoop.

The spears are pointing to the great central Sun.

The kingfisher feels like a King with his colourful feathers of blue and red, the red for fire and the intense blue for the streaming waters in which he finds his food. He stands for survival and sunshine. In ancient Greece he was considered a holy bird. 

On the other side there is the eagle symbolizing life-force and sharpness, the one who sees it all. He is the king of power, consistency and renewal. He connects Gods energy, the power of Big Spirit, with the earth. His feathers are used for healing and are sacred, and transform negative energies.

The four snakes, with their flexibility and their transformative powers, conduct the energy of the sun outwards. The elk, the snake, the eagle and the kingfisher are connected with the sacred sun-wheel.

The new time is dawning and the awakening force is formed by the energy of our hearts. Chaos and 3D confrontations will help us to produce a big clearance. Inner knowing will win from the logic mind.

During my journey in the USA this year, travelling to the four corners, I met a number of my spiritual friends in the south of Utah.

We came together by synchronicity as if Big Spirit brought us together. There was an organic way of working together with the cosmic sun-wheel.

During that time I had the honour of meeting Chief Golden Eagle and spending some days together in perfect harmony.

For me it felt like entering the heart of my mandala. The symbols were there first, then the creation became reality.

There is no script for this time. We have only to see and listen in the Now.

Everything will take place in divine timing. 



The Power of Symbols

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