Love is the way  ↓

by Marcella de Klerk


Love, love, love! 

What does love do to you, and with your loved ones? With the people around you, the people you meet on the street, in the woods or on the moor? 

Love is to see the path to substantial acceptance of yourself, and to accept people as they really are, but even more important: to see who you are! With both your light and shadow sides.

Why can we easily love others, but having trouble loving ourselves? Why do we always put the interests of others at first and put our desires on the top shelf of a closet?

This morning I had a client who was struggling  with complaints in her neck. During the session, she realized that she is constantly giving away her energy. Energy to other people, her work, her family, her friends, and so on. She found/ finds it very difficult to give love to herself. As if that is not allowed. Is that our Calvinist impact? Do not complain but continue.

I recognize it and know that it is my trap too. It feels so good when you can help someone. There is nothing wrong with that any way! Only you can really help someone, guide someone, if you love yourself and truly know yourself through and through. Then you can allow the love and strength flow through you. Then you can feed yourself with this loving energy and be part of the abundance of life. Then you can see with the eyes of love what is going on around you. Then you can keep your energy to yourself. You stand firmly with both feet on the ground and do not get swept away by the emotions of other people, making you feel exhausted. The world is chaotic, busy, there is a lot of misery and right now it is so important to counterbalance against all that negativity. Love flows, fear blocks. You'll probably recognize what I mean.

I work during my sessions not only with energetic observation but also with visualizations, allowing you to actually feel where the blockages in your body and energyfield are. That you can choose to say farewell to this barriers, only because you became aware of it. To empty the “trash can” so to say.

The great thing is the feeling afterwards. To feel so light, peaceful and loving. You can share this feeling, this energy,  with the people around you. 

The more people who have this experience, the better it is for the world. For example: a mother who is not comfortable with herself, feeling down and troubled, passes this negative energy on to her children. Patterns are passed on. Children are mirrors of the soul. The mother is experiencing problems at home, kids are busy, uncontrollable and do not listen. When the mother is facing her "problems" and deals with them, the behaviour of the children will change positively. I've seen this so many times and experienced it with my own eyes. When you transform, the world transforms with you. Let's go for self-esteem, self-confidence, strength, courage and LOVE!



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nu16 Crystals go to Japan

Love is the way

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