Roma Amor

by: Monique van Dijk

Together with  a friend I visit almost every year an another friend who lives in Rome. We have known each other since we were born. Just before we left a friend told me about the world meditation of Matias de Stefano.


Collective Meditation

Matias de Stefano had called for a worldwide gathering on Sunday the 15th of June at 7 pm to perform an important meditation; to open the door to the energetic frequency of love in the "Rome" field. This project is called Roma-Amor. Changing the "prevailing" Church to Amor. From ego/patriarchal to more fluent love. On this Sunday, 15th June, a last meditation was held by Matias together with a large group of people at the Vatican in Rome. When you look at the Vatican from above it is built in the shape of a key.

On this particular Sunday Matias had turned the key in order to open up the collective consciousness of all those who are connected with the Vatican. A different way of thinking and acting now from the heart instead of  power will be a fact. The Netherlands has an important role in the activation of the collective consciousness. That was the reason that at the moment of the Global Meditation large groups in The Netherlands were connected to Matias and the Vatican. It is all about making connection with your own divinity and disconnecting from the grid of the old matrix.


Matias de Stefano

Matias De Stefano is 25 years old and lives in Venado Tuerto, Argentina, and his goal in life is to remember.

From his 3rd year he began to remember things from before his birth.  We are able to remember when we activate that part of our brain that connects us with cosmic memory. Anyone can do this, but some of us are specialists. He can remember and understand the universal memory of historical events and processes of the planet and humanity.


Matias transformed Rome in Amor.

In order to make way for the light to clear the portals and to free the system from all that has been  divided by fear and guilt, we need to come together in gratitude and love. "We need to know why we now, live here, what we should do to change life as it is at the moment, and to understand what happened in the past to be able to understand what is happening now. From the first moment of creation, the first step in the universe, in order to create a new Universe will be our next step. " This creates an awareness of God, creation and co-creation based on insight, love and connectivity.

"the intention is to transform the system and to change' Roma ' in ' Amor '. The world sends love to South America, from there the signal is brought to Rome. Rome spreads the message across the world. The system should cure and will bring healing. "



On this special Sunday in the Vatican my girlfriend and I left when Stefano leading the meditation. We walked that day near the Vatican and I connected from a distance to everything that would happen over there. At the time we had to be at the airport it started to rain cats and dogs. The streets turned into rivers.  Soaked when  we arrived at the airport, we heard that our plane had been delayed because it had to land somewhere else due to the weather. Eventually we left 10 hours later. As we waited at the airport I was with Stefano and his world meditation. Would the terrible weather be a sign of opposing forces that wanted to stop Stefano from turning the key? Eventually we left. The next day I heard that after the meditation two Rainbows appeared above the Vatican. Rainbows always appear as a kind of thank you. The meditation has worked.


Rome Amor

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