by: Monique van Dijk


Maybe you can still remember that I wrote in the last Edition of nu1 that I had booked a trip to Cuba before I knew that I would travel to Columbia. I was looking forward to going to Cuba; learning Spanish and Salsa dancing. Actually, the Cuba trip came too soon after  the trip to Columbia because I really needed to recover


I went through everything again to work out  what exactly happened. 

How it works for me is that I just follow my heart but I'm not sure why and what I do. I only know that I am at my strongest when I don’t know what I’m doing, because my ego has no chance to interfere. 

However, I knew that during the whole trip I was in my masculine energy; much stronger than I  ever was used to in the banking/insurance industry. So I concluded that I had dealt with my masculine energy. My experiences in the Financial Business have been magnified. Could my feminine energy now finally get the chance to show herself? Still, I needed an explanation and therefore I contacted Judith Moore by Skype to explain. Judith connected with my field and my energetic Grandmother could give her explanation via Judith to me. 


Briefly, it has been a great initiation and I have overcome my fear with my courage. I have given the Mamo's something from my force field and they have given me something from their force field. More than once I went out of my body. My body has followed my spirit. I absolutely felt that way and that is why I have made it to finish the track. How grateful I was for all of this. My grandmother went on by saying: "You think you're going just to Cuba, but it you are not." We will send you there to go to the people who have been oppressed for so long. There, too, you will spread your light and leave your hologram. There are certain places near the ocean where you should be. We will guide you to it.'  I was wondering how this would go, because a Swiss friend was coming along and she has nothing to do with spirituality. I determined to do my job in silence.


It started well as I would arrive in Havana at 18.30 and my friend an hour earlier. Our flights in Madrid had enormous delays; they landed at 20:00 and at 21:00. Arriving in Havana revealed that there had been significant tidal waves at 18.00 and I could see evidence of this on the streets and the rough sea. In fact our 'Casa' was close to the sea. The next day we went to look and the sea was still trying to throw itself over the wall. I quietly made a or the connection. Cuba is an island so everywhere you're close to the sea. Indeed, I was guided to places by the ocean because during the three weeks we we spent there we visited places by the ocean without making plans to actually go there. It even happened that my Swiss friend mostly made the suggestion. In this way I could connect all the time.


Of course, I wanted to do my spiritual work and I had planned to soaki up the beautiful, authentic Cuba, the lovely people, the great music and the faded, but still beautiful, architecture. You really feel how it was 60 years ago, when you see all those old-timers driving and when you walk through the tobacco plantations. All the meat comes directly from the land and you do not see any factories. Tourism is increasing and everyone wants to earn from you. Prices have risen and a taxi driver earns more than a doctor in a month.


My Spanish teacher was born in the same village as Fidel Castro. She is also called Castro, because she told me, her whole family has been working for Fidel and when you come from the same village with only 10 houses then you are one big family. She told me how Fidel has provided the basic needs of the people of the country. Anyone can appeal for health, education and food. No one has to be hungry. I did not see any beggars.


She also told me that many intellectuals had left the country during the revolution and Fidel went to schools asking some students to become teachers. My teacher at that time was 16 years old and she became one although she would have preferred to become a doctor or a biologist. But, out of love for her country, she became a teacher. Because of the escape defection of intellectuals to the USA there were not enough teachers to teach the youth so she studied without books to become a teacher. I felt privileged that I was taught first hand the history of Cuba. Yes I enjoyed the Spanish lessons.


Of course, I was also interested in the spiritual development in Cuba. I regularly saw people walking in white clothes. Two of them were sitting at the church giving consultations with Tarot cards. Even though I knew I could not understand them, I wanted to have a consultation purely to connect with these Santerias.

Santeria is a form of religious syncretism that originated in Cuba as the beliefs of the black slaves mingled with the Catholic faith of the Spanish colonialists. The original inhabitants of Cuba were Taino- Indians. They had their own customs and rituals. The Spaniards, however, brought the Catholic faith. By fusion with the habits of African slaves who were brought to Cuba the Cuban Santeria faith arose


In Santeria rituals you often hear trance-inducing music with percussion which is important. In amongst the drums spirits are raised and also animals are sacrificedEverything is carried out by the Santeria Priests also called babalaos. They are concerned with predicting the future using shells, rocks or cards. 

This group grows among the black population particularly. Satisfied, I left Cuba to its ways and returned to Amsterdam. In Madrid, I felt something coming on and when I got back home I had to stay in bed. It was a short but intense light flu. My body had had enough. I needed to be readjust.





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