Everyting is always working out for me ↓

by: Marcella de Klerk

Everything is always working out for me.’

This sentence came to me while I was thinking about a theme for this article. While repeating this sentence something changed inside me. So simple but so true, go with the flow, have faith and courage, let anxiety and fear go. Love yourself (very important!) and love the people and nature around you.

Lately I was suffering from emotional stress. I felt heavy, slow and syrupy. Nothing came out of my hands. When I thought about writing newsletters, adjusting my website or creating new plans, I blocked completely. So tired at the very idea of getting into action.

I entered a vicious circle of self-condemnation. Come on, keep going! Don’t be a victim, be hard on yourself and just go on and on.. Recognizable?


Why should I? Do I want this?

Can I do this? That is much more important. I can fiddle about for as long as I want, doing nothing “important”, just to recharge my batteries!  To embrace life again with love, strength and enthusiasm. To let creativity flow! Give yourself time to go to the core of yourself (talk to your soul) and accept that you are physically not quite where you want to be at that moment. Do not condemn yourself! Honestly look at the core of yourself and learn from that moment. Recognize that even I, who led the way to others on this path, even occasionally may need help. To make time for myself and to gain new insights. 


Sometimes you need awareness to see through old patterns (which can come to you unconsciously) to let go. How wonderful is the moment when you fully experience this pattern and to allow yourself emotional release. To free yourself and empower yourself.

To be vulnerable and to be able to share your thoughts and ideas with others. To be truly there for others and to be essential for each other. So nice! I have been working for years with energy, in my practice. I read the energy of others at an unconscious level and provide them with insights, which make people feel lighter, make people be seen and to help them become aware of patterns and life themes in which they are unconsciously caught. Under supervision, they can release these emotions safely. Afterwards they feel tired (it’s a lot of work) but happy and empowered.

Recently I walked with my dog into the forest and the following words came to me; I am the bridge.

The bridge between the everyday world, the chaos, the fear, the uncertainty, the hatred and envy, the chaos and the beautiful world of purity, love, peace and strength. It’s difficult though to be always that bridge. Grounded, in yourself and in full confidence.


What happened to me and I have also experienced the following at a session EFT (Emotional Freedome Technique); I saw a dichotomy in my energy as if a knife cut me in half. From above (from my head) into my heart area there was a knife. I was sitting in one area (left brain) or in the other area (the right hemisphere). Very tiring and I felt that this can be exhausting for your heart area.(I also experienced a physical burden of my heart overnight.)

This image gave me the insight to let go of this tiring process and to be whole again. To direct my energy in one flowing round circle of life energy, to let the energy flow.

It really helped. 


We really are energy and we can decide ourselves to be aware of that so you can send and direct that energy to where ever you want it to go. To protect yourself by being well grounded and to make sure you stay who you are no matter what happens in the world around you. Listen to your inner self and be faithful to yourself. Make time for yourself, no matter how busy your day may be. Why do I do what I do? Am I happy doing this? 

You'll probably have experienced that when you are very happy and grounded, you receive many positive comments from the people you encounter. If you're self-confident, everything suddenly seems to succeed. Plans go through, you meet the right people you need in your life and so on. I myself have experienced that if you are "stuck" nothing really happens. Fascinating! So let's all be aware and believe in ourselves, in our strength and in our creativity. Anything is possible if you believe in it!


Everything is always working out for me! YES !!! I'm back!!

I wish you all the love, happiness and wisdom on your life path.


Nb. Marcella de Klerk is a transformation coach, healer and reader. Mission: To guide you on your journey to your authentic self.


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Everything is always working out for me

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