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Dear readers, 


In my working life I have always fought for equal treatment for men and women. 

I am surprised that, after more than 2000 years, we have gained so little progress concerning the position of women. Thousands of years ago it was quite normal that the woman was equivalent to the man, even better the woman was still worshipped, and treated with respect because it is she who gives life. The fear of the man’s fear of woman’s domination and his ambition for power changed his attitude towards women.

I became interested again in the role of Mary Magdalene in relation to Jesus. There is much written about them and no one knows the true story. I can only say that the book written by Kathleen McGowen really resonated with what I feel.

Jesus and Mary Magdalene were one. Jesus knew the importance of the role of Mary Magdalene. Unfortunately, for 2000 years Jesus has been used for the story, still preached to us today as if it were true. Mary Magdalene continued the work of Jesus after the crucifixion and achieved an incredible amount from her femininity and feminine energy. A very fine energy that we can still feel today. When we connect with her we feel her wisdom, strength, inspiration and how it feels again for a woman to lead naturally. It's time! The woman needs to lead again.


Enjoy reading,




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