Co-creation with Extraterrestrials

by: Patries van Elsen


During the international meeting of 150 light workers of the network RAHMA, in the desert near Lima in Peru, manifested in the earth energy healing work I accompanied a UFO in the circle.


I felt all the loving support of the extraterrestrial guides who accompanied us.

The energetic work was about forgiveness for everything we have done – and are doing still - to the four elements as human race. Then we shone the earth with the highest vibration of Light, Love and Higher Consciousness. This time visibly with loving star brothers and sisters!


Below is my personal experience of cooperation with loving aliens in this earth healing meditation on the 23rd of January.

In the picture next to this article you can see the UFO in the circle of 150 Lightworkers!


In the afternoon I was asked to accompany an energetic work with the theme of "forgiveness from the four elements".

Just before I got up to go to the center of the circle, I saw an extraterrestrial guide in front of me with my third eye. Even when I got up it remained with me: He looked at me with his large black oval shaped eyes straight into my eyes. I experienced love and was aware of the loving support of the extraterrestrial guides.

Empathically I asked for their assistance to do the energy work together.

During the energetic work of "forgiveness to the four elements" everyone was very focused and I felt that there a lot of energy moved in the circle. We ended the energetic work with an irradiation of the planet Earth. Sixto, one of the facilitators continued with further aligning of the chakras.


In the evening in the desert a Xendra is vormed. A Xendra is an inter-dimensional portal, also called Gimbra, and connects you directly with the counsel of 24 Elders.

The Council of 24 Elders represent the people of all the planets in our galaxy.

It consists of light beings who have attained a high degree of enlightenment and exaltation in the eternal wisdom. They have a higher level of development. It is a galactic counsel which envisages the positive evolution of our galaxy.




Along with Axel Torres (México), Antozak Torres (Mexico), Jorge Sion (Ecuador), Odra Elizalde (Ecuador), Ligia Nubia Velásquez (Colombia) and Cristian Barros Sanchez (Argentina) I go into this Xendra.

I have no special request. In the Xendra I experienced a lot of light and love.

I enter a room in a circle and feel surrounded by the 24 Elders.

One by one they touch my heart or they put their hand on my heart.

Telepathically I hear: "More than ever we are with you to support you and to work with you in this intense time of change on Earth"

After a few moments of meditation to understand the meaning of those words, I hear the following message:


"In 2016, your consciousness vibration will rise.

This opens and triggers old memories and forgotten history: not only on the Earth, the libraries will open also in yourselves. Your history of Earth and Humanity will be rewritten.

You and the Earth are a library of knowledge in evolution. In waves this knowledge will unfold itself. This evolution makes the Earth and its inhabitants closely monitored by us and many stars peoples.

The evolutionary process you are going through is very valuable to us. More and more you will experience that you are part of our star family.

We are ONE.


You carry our genes in your DNA. We will touch your heart, because that is the activation of the key to love and forgiveness which produces healing, transmutation and co-creation.

Our collaboration has always been, but from now on it will be much more intense, because we have an interest that you and the Earth will jump in this evolution in the right way. The matrix is ‚Äč‚Äčopen: anything is possible!

All new ideas and discoveries that arise from love and emotion will give healing and expanded awareness on Earth and in Humanity.

The creative force which is released is huge and one can use it for destruction or creation. Love energies of forgiveness, healing, creation and reprogramming are more powerful than ever. Use them! Like the water programming, crystal programming are releasing the seas and skies of pollution and radioactivity.

It is your and our focus on love and responsibility that the Earth and you in your highest vibrations of the Christ consciousness will manifest. "


I experience a great warmth in my heart,

It feels to me a confirmation of what I already felt during the energy work of forgiveness: the energy was not only moved by the 150 participants, but also the guides helped with transmuting the energies to a higher vibration.


The next day Elvis Romero showed his video he made with his mobile phone during the energy work of "forgiveness of the four elements": In the movie you see in a flash of how a UFO is rapidly flying through the circle. When he slows down the video you can see the cigar-like shape of the object. Sixto says that this is a Canepla Tipo Rod.

It is a kind of alien drone, which can record and transmit. This is approximately 1.20 meter long and comes from a nearby situated spaceship.


This confirms even more the presence and support of the guides work on our energy.

I feel that we are arriving at a time of intense collaboration with loving extraterrestrials guides.




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Co-creation with Extraterrestrials

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