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Healing of our DNA. How do we do that?

by: Elly de Lezenne Coulander 

Recently I got an interesting message forwarded by Judith Moore, an American Mystic, Seer and divine Messenger. In short, this message is about the folowing. The Earth and all human species carry the blueprint of creation in themselves and in the essence of the conscious human there is a vital link to the DNA of Creation. All types and plants and living creatures on earth are part of the blueprint for the living Earth and each has a specific code that creates a light pattern. Each of these precious creatures, the plant and animal kingdom, is part of an aspect of the God force. The original human carried the whole blueprint, the DNA of Creation. This is the God-Code.


The period of duality arose when our DNA was distorted by manipulation (among others by Reptilians) and mingling with Humanoids that were designed to fight and to work in the mining industry. Why use designs you will perhaps think. Lord Sananda means true designs, as they were not born from the union of man and woman. There was no love included. It was more a kind of cloning.


These Reptilians can take a variety of forms and may appear as a human being - of any kind - or take the form of their reptilian bodies. To strengthen their DNA within the human race they have hybrid human children (intersection between them and humans) in an attempt to let their genes become recessive. This didn't work because the hybrid human children have human souls and the power of love. It is impossible to let the Enlightenment, the God Code, the pure essence of life-giving energy of our planet Earth, perish, nor is it possible to perish this through reproduction of the human species.
The result is though that we humans are caught between feeling the God-force in the form of love and compassion ánd the manipulation by the inherited DNA, the modified DNA.

Left brain 

That distortion is, according to Lord Sananda, in our left brain, the rational and analytical side of our brain. That explains a lot, I think. Also, he speaks of the mythology of the Tower of Babel. This tower of light created the DNA of every living species on the planet.

The Living Grail, thus Lord Sananda, is the pure Alchemy of the DNA of the essence of consciousness created by the Infinite Unity and without distortion. It is the pure Essence of Creation in the form of a vehicle of life, a Golden Chalice which pours the Sangre Grael, the blood of life. It is the blood of life flowing through the veins of every living organism on the planet. It is the essence of the manna that activates the forces of Creation letting evolve the Creation itself in a natural way; in line with the power of a harmonious Universe, Unity and the cosmic source of All That Is.

The crystalline DNA that has formed the codes of light for the divine mysteries, consists of advanced geometric codes, formulas, configurations of microcosmic proportions. The vibration of the heart is the vibration that opens consciousness to the wisdom of creation. When an individual stays connected to the heart, it is a natural process to follow the guidance of the enlightened DNA. When you are aware, the crystalline power within your DNA ignites the forces of the origin of the divinity and your connection to primeval times as a divine human. It brings you back to your original, undistorted DNA.

So far the summary of the message of Lord Sananda.



It all sounds so easy: connect with your heart and you're there. For most of us it is not so easy at all. I myself needed quite some years to reach that point. That is why this message of Lord Sananda touches me so. Therefore I am very glad to have the possibility to work together with such a person as Judith Moore to help other people to reach that point of contact with the heart again. That's going to happen in the last weekend of april (22 to 24 april) in which we work in a retreat for healing of our DNA.

We're going to work with the holographic distortions in our DNA of unresolved traumatic relationships. Dramatic conflict patterns that we live again and again in our relationships when we meet each other life after life. A duality which we now know where she comes from. During the retreat we embrace our own duality and we confront our own shadow side. As a result, a clear vision of our true calling on Earth can come forward. We clean up old karma and at all levels servitude of generations ago on allowing duality in our energy bodies will be solved.

According to Judith the Earth experiences now a karmic shift. The power of the Light of Creation fills the living hologram of the Earth. That allows us to solve old patterns and release toxic energy like never before, so that we achieve a pattern of harmony and unity. To achieve this we take the archive of our past lives into the hologram of our crystalline DNA, which is pure Divine Consciousness and consists of advanced geometric codes. We travel to all parts of ourselves, deep in our soul to the Holy Center of our Being. We will open both the mirror of the soul as the archives of our past lives to purify these holographic patterns through the power of Mary Magdalene, the female Christ. We end the retreat with a ritual to endorse the presence of our Soul in Unity. The retreat will be an experience that deepens our connection to our God Self and awakens our Divine Light Body on core level.

Would you like to know more about this, please send an email to The whole message of Lord Sananda can be found under the following links: Heling van ons DNA, Heling van ons DNA – deel 2, Heling van ons DNA – deel 3.

I'm very much looking forward to working together with Judith Moore. There's always humor, depth and lots and lots of love in her workshops



Healing of our DNA

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