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Ticks:'From Scotland with Love.'

by: Erika de Blij


On June 23rd 2015 I came back from holidays in the North-Eastern part of Scotland. Together with some friends we strolled alongside the coast and visited several  beautiful places by car.


I’ll never forget the day we returned. I took a shower after unpacking my suitcase. I could not believe my eyes when I saw my legs. They were full of tick bites. The beginning of a nightmare. I removed the two ticks hanging out of my leg with tweezers and had goose bumps all over my body brrrrr. I wondered why I had missed the sight of the bites that morning? I am still puzzled about it. Even M. with whom I shared a room was utterly surprised. I called the other friends and told them my story. It seemed that none of the women had ticks.

On the internet I found out that the Highlands where we had stayed, were full of ticks. Even my medical doctor whom I visited the next morning told me : Those Highlanders really took a go on you. Although he knew I didn’t like taking anti-biotics he gave me a small dose as a precaution.  I took it because I had the feeling I entered a rollarcoaster.

I was so right. My acupuncturist immediately gave me the address of a therapist when he saw my legs and heard the story. She is the one you need right now, he told me. She has been treating patients with lyme disease for many years. I knew that you had to wait for weeks to get an appointment. 

Truus heard my story and asked me to come at the end of the day. Bad news, I thought. And indeed she told me I was infected. It had reached the bloodstream, nerve system and my brainstem. I wasn’t fully aware yet what the consequences were of the verdict.

Then the following happened.  I was contacted by Huib Kraaijenveld. I had not seen or talked to him for years.  What I did know was that Huib was an expert by personal experience in the field of lyme disease. When he was diagnosed with lyme after years all puzzle pieces fit in. He founded the ‘On Lyme Foundation’ and wrote the book ‘Shifting the Lyme Paradigm’. Through his Facebook page I read a lot about lyme and lots of stories from people diagnosed with this disease. I was shocked. I really had landed in a rollarcoaster. Lyme disease had spread all over the world and was classified as an epidemic . What I did not understand is that hardly any research is being done on the subject. We have no good blood test in the Netherlands and have to go to Germany. There is no adequate treatment yet besides anti-biotics. You can only be successful with the treatment just after the person has been infected. Otherwise it can have a huge impact on the physical body, according to Truus.  That’s because it can cause damage to the intestinal flora. This will be partly eradicated and as a result you will have a lesser digestion, malabsorption, fungal infections as candidiasis and less resistance.


Truus continues:


“If we acknowledge the history of Borrelia, we know that we probably have to do with a power principle, made for biological warfare. This means that the consciousness of this organism has the characteristics of an agressive destroyer. When this organism enters the physical body, the immune system wille be conscious of the frequency of the pathogen. It chooses as a primary fighting substance the frequency which is best in alignment to offer counterbalance to the intruder from the perspective of yin and yang.


All lifeforms have awarenous, bioradiation and because of this a frequency. Each cell of a human, animal or plant organism has its own awarenous, programming and cell memory. For every human being it is an  art to keep the physical body at a frequency which is as vital as possible. This means that every thought, positive and negative, is defining the cell memory and finally the intrinsic tension.

This is the first step for a good health. It is the intensity of lightpower and vital power which is crucial. Food which is less vital and environmental factors can also diminish the vital field of every cell.


The medical field lacks good research and treatment . An enormous group of persons suffer as a result while nature has the right answer .

When we check a person with lyme disease the body shows two shortages:  lauric acid and the element of lawrencium (frequency). A more natural way to deal with this disease is to amplify the frequency of lauric acid in a way that the vital field of the borrelia diminishes and the organism disintegrates.”


Transmitting the frequency of lawrencium to very thin copperthreads and placing these in a plastic tube makes it possible to wear pieces of the tube on your skin. I did four treatments. One cure meant 8 copperthreads with a schedule which said how many days I had to wear each thread. Besides this I was given the advice to use coconut oil because of the lauric acid.


To be on the safe side I had my blood tested and found out, as my new (young) medical doctor told me, that these tests are not waterproof. He also told me that in the Netherlands they are still far behind with safe and sound tests. The test scored positive. I told him my story about Truus. He looked at me and said: I am a regular doctor who studied medical science. I do not believe in this way of treatment. You cannot prove it scientifically.


Teken: 'From Scotland with Love.'_1517
Teken: 'From Scotland with Love.'_1516

 I am worried.

With the information Truus gave me I realize that my physical body has given me all kind of signals over the past three to four years, which I ignored.  I met a woman who told me that I have walked around with lyme for several years. I was in shock and at the same time everything fell into place. I was always tired, which I ignored. Sleeping problems; restless legs; pain in my right eye; neck pain; muscle and joint  pain; bowel complaint; irritated bladder;  palpitation; certain spots on my face went numb; swollen lymph nodes. OMG what has happened to me.


I had four cures. Each treatment took about two months. What remains is draining waste and toxins. This will take a couple of months. My physical and emotional body is still recovering.

Another aspect of lyme disease I wanted to have a look at, is what a possible meaning of the tick bites might be. Wake-up calls in my life happened most of the time afte accidents or illnesses. For me it means growing to another level of awareness. When I  look at the projects I have done for the past 15 years  now I can see that my level of awareness has grown. 

The type of work I have done for the past seven years was complicated and extreme. I guided children and parents during their processes with authoratative sources as Youth Care and Council of Child Protection.

I was tired and my body ached.

At the time I was on the threshold of writing a book about my own experiences and had asked children and parents to come forward with the stories about their processes.  Besides that I wanted to prepare myself for a new project with regard to education.

For both projects it is essential to find the right time and place. I needed to go inside and prepare myself from my inner space. I couldn’t have done it by myself.  Now I was forced to do so. I feel an enormous innerpeace. I started to take small steps with the educational project . I am grateful for the experience and trust that the lyme has disappeared from my physical body.

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Teken: 'From Scotland with Love.'_1518

Ticks: 'From Scotland with Love.'

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