Blessings from Alaska


by: Jennifer Andrulli


My name is Jennifer Andrulli, I am Yupik, I am Italian, I am Alaskan Native, I am Earth. I walk in two worlds, the ancient and the modern. It is the only way I can thrive to be connected to my Ancestors, my culture and through the stories of my Mother Line: the Soul Line.

Growing up, in Alaska my Mom would share memories of our family stories that were from past generations. Mom would always start with her personal story within the present moment. As the story progressed, she began weaving in the lessons of her Yupik Grandmother and Siberian Yupik Grandfather, by interlacing the life of her Mother and kin. Mom shared the intense love and will of our Ancestors, by teaching how to access the well of strength within me.  Mom also spoke about the shadows of addiction and sickness that sometimes plague our family, that was caused by the psycho spiritual trauma of colonization and the post contact epidemics. Mom shared the burden of truth and adamantly stood up against the silence, empowered, to break the chains of repression. She taught her daughters to be healthy, strong and knowledgeable about the past.

Growing up I had the opportunity to nurture the traditional wisdom from my Mother Line by studying plant and spirt medicine from my Elders. This enabled me to travel around the world to visit and learn from other Indigenous Elders and Wisdom Keepers on their land, learning their medicine ways. I trade with them our spirit plants, healing ways and stories. Healers need healing, the burdens of this reality weight heavy upon us.

Listening.  Medicine people are always listening, to our hearts and our hands. How can we be of service? How can we help those who are ready for the light? Who is ready to break the silence?  I am here to listen to your story and share my passion for medicine work, if you want me to hear you.

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Blessings from Alaska

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